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The story about how it all began

Hotel SØMA

A piece of Greenland

Begin your adventure even before you step out of the door. Experience true Greenland, it’s wonderful nature and culture while giving back to the local community.

Over 50 years in Greenland

Hotel SØMA is one of Greenlands biggest hotel chains with four hotels on the western coast in Nuuk, Sisimiut, Aasiaat and Ilulissat. Together, we have around 150 modern hotel rooms and many conference and group rooms.

Within the past 50 years of running hotels in the arctic, we have not only fallen in love with our piece of Greenland but have also discovered the perfect combination of activities and many out-of-this-world places.

Our wish is to use our expertise to provide a true greenlandic experience for our guests and a warm and welcoming place to stay. We are especially passionate about this knowing that our work additionally supports local communities and those in need.

Photo by: Emil Ruby


Many ask what hides behind our name Hotel SØMA. The truth be told, it is a name unofficially given to us by the locals. We were originally known as ¨sømandshjem¨ – a place with accommodation and warm food for fishermen and seafarers. Our cafeterias are still known as a meeting point for local communities which have often referred to us as ‘Søma.’ We took it as a hint. Our new brand now represents our history, position in the local community and our values.


Your stay at Hotel SØMA makes a difference for Greenland. We have over 50 years used our profit to support the wellbeing of local seafarers, fishermen and local communities. We continue to do so even today. As our guest you will notice the familiar warm and welcoming atmosphere in all our hotels, but most importantly, you are supporting us in making a difference for those in need.


The whole world is talking about the need for sustainable practices in the tourism industry. We acknowledge this need and are constantly trying to improve with one goal in mind – to become CO2 neutral. We are working closely with the government and Nukissiorfiit energy provider on making this goal realistic. Our hotels in Aasiaat and Ilulissat are using new electric cars for transportation of guests and the same is soon coming to Sisimiut. In Nuuk we are currently changing to an electric heating system that will use energy created by a local hydroelectric plant. This will put hotel SØMA Nuuk 98% closer to our goal.

Photo by: Mads Phil

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