Hotel SØMA Nuuk

Marinevej 3, 3900 Nuuk
(+299) 32 10 29

Hotel SØMA Sisimiut

Frederik den IX's Plads, 3911 Sisimiut
(+299) 86 41 50

Hotel SØMA Ilulissat

Nuussuattaap Aqq. 2
3952 Ilulissat
(+299) 94 40 02

Hotel SØMA Aasiaat

Sammiarneq 9
3950 Aasiaat
(+299) 89 27 11

Hotel SØMA

A piece of Greenland

Established in Greenland over 50 years ago, hotel SØMA represents four fantastic destinations along western coast. Our hotels have typical nordic design with a touch of greenlandic decorations and our staff are experts in the area who will help to guide your arctic adventures. To stay with us is to receive a warm welcome and experience a piece of Greenland with its fascinating culture and breathtaking nature.

XX rooms in total

Arctic spa in Nuuk and Sisimiut

XX meeting rooms

Snowscooter and bike rental


Vast. Distant. Beautiful.

Photo by Alex Savu

Hotel SØMA Packages

We recommend

We are often ask when to visit Greenland and what to do here. This trip is our answer to that question.

10 days in the wilderness
Adventure starts: July 29th.

Join this ultimate experience for all adventure lovers. Former sergeant, Mathias will safely lead your steps from the icecap to the sea through beautiful Greenlandic nature, while teaching you all about surviving in the wilderness.

Your trip includes:

More packages

  • 4 days ·

Sisimiut exploration

Explore Sisimiut in 4 days. Sail to the abandoned settlement and explore the city, harbor and dog sled station while surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery.
  • 7 days ·

Best of Sisimiut

One week in Greenland packed with exciting activities. Walk in the steps of old inuit, sail to an abandoned settlement and catch your own dinner. Every day brings a new adventure.
  • 10 days ·

Ultimate Sisimiut adventure

Get to know Sisimiut and the area beyond the arctic circle. You will meet a Greenlandic dog, hike to the breathtaking panorama on Palasip Qaqqa and get pampered in our arctic spa. You can tailor make the trip and explore Sisimiut on your own or book any of our optional activities such as crowberry picking or a hike to the UFO hut.
  • 1 day ·

1 winter day in Aasiaat

Explore Aasiaat and the Diskobay area on ski. Your winter adventure starts already after checking in, when you receive a map over the island and a cross-country ski set.
  • 2 days ·

Aasiaat winter getaway

Enjoy a whole weekend in a winter wonderland. Explore Aasiaat and the Diskobay area on ski and on the back of a snowscooter.
  • 1 day ·

1 summer day in Aasiaat

Lots of light, sailing trips and splashing whales - experience summer in Aasiaat.

Doing business in Greenland

© Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Business traveler

Receive a warm welcome every time you travel to Greenland for business.

Mads Phil - Visit Greenland

Business to business

Hotel SØMA work with several travel agents to help people experience a piece of Greenland.

Our destinations






The heart of the Greenlandic nation is unlike any other capital city in the world. Here is where the traditional meets the modern, surrounded by beautiful mountains and Nuuk fjord. Today, Nuuk is a modern hub of praised architecture, gourmet restaurants and fashion.

The city is growing fast but maintains its unique cozy feeling and it will without a doubt make a strong impression. Hotel SØMA Nuuk lies just a short walk away from the city center and our team can give you some great tips to places of experiences which you should not miss while visiting.


Welcome to the paradise for nature lovers. Sisimiut has a strategic location above the arctic circle surrounded by a beautiful mountain ridge which can be explored by foot, ski, on the back of a snow scooter or even a dog sled. Chances are that fantastic panoramic views will occur while exploring the backcountry.

Sisimiut is where you experience the true freedom and power of Greenlandic nature. Our experts can arrange any of the named adventures for you and can help with choosing just the right activity based on your expectations and desired level of adrenaline.


© Lasse Kyed

Visit us in Aasiaat a destination on the water. The town is surrounded by the picturesque Discobay, the home of many whales every summer. Nowhere in the word will you feel as connected with nature as when sailing on the smooth waves of Discobay, occasionally surrounded by splashing whales.

Hotel SØMA is located right by the water, securing ocean view from almost all rooms and the lucky ones can spot a whale when standing by the room window. Our private dock is a starting point of many sailing tours which will take you closer to the icebergs and whales. The experience is unforgettable and will stay with you long after coming back home.


© Florian Gurtner

Ilulissat is a world class destination, famous for its spectacular icefjord. Let us take you on a sailing trip around these icy giants. To visit Ilulissat Icefjord is to feel the power of nature and to understand its importance. The fjord provides fantastic light and colors for all photography enthusiasts, but also those who just want to sit back and enjoy just how beautiful our world can be.

Hotel SØMA Ilulissat is located on a hill, securing the best view in town over the vast icefjord. From here you can take a short hike to the newly upended architectural wonder - the Icefjord Center which draws attention of people from around the world.


© Thrainn Kolbeinsson

  • NUUK

100% non-profit hotel

Our welfare work

Choosing to stay with Hotel SØMA means supporting a good cause while experiencing Greenland. All our profits go to supporting the welfare of seafarers, fishermen and local communities. Hotel SØMA takes social responsibility in town, by supporting local initiatives and arranging our own. Every Christmas we open our doors and invite people to spend their Christmas eve with us. In the summer holiday of the schools, we arrange all sorts of games, activities, storytelling and much more. Every week we visit trawlers with fresh newspapers and we often take a walk on the harbor with warm coffee and time to have a talk. We’re also visiting the prison of the town regularly and the elderly in their homes. Thank you for staying with us and supporting us in supporting others!

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