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Discover a world of ice

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Impressive. Icy. Moving.

Visit us in the heart of the Greenlandic nation and experience a modern twist on greenlandic culture. Hotel SØMA Nuuk is located a short walk away from the city center, museum area and the shore.


Nuussuattaap Aqq. 2
3952 Ilulissat
Postbox 102

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Experience Ilulissat

Sea Safari

To see a 100-ton heavy animal throw itself above the water surface just to elegantly collide back seconds after is an experience you will never forget.

Kayak trips

Explore the Greenlandic waters in kayak, just as inuit did for hundreds of years.

Dog sledding

Travel the way Inuit did for hundreds of years. Let the dogs take you on a journey through spectacular Greenlandic nature.

Northern lights trip

Greenland is a country of natural wonders, where the sun never sets in the summer and during the winter the sky is decorated with dancing lights, gently reflecting from the fresh snow.

Cross country skiing

Experience a piece of Greenland on ski.

© Erick Lee

World of ice

© Aningaaq Rosing Carlsen
© Henrik Møller Nielsen

Imagine enjoying your morning cup of coffee with the view over the famous icefjord and its icy giants.

Make yourself at home in Ilulissat

Choose the level of comfort you need. All our rooms are well equipped to make your stay as relaxed as possible.


Single & double rooms


Penthouse apartment



Places where important decisions are made

Stay close to the city with the view over the mountain ridge and harbour

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