Ultimate Sisimiut adventure

Get to know Sisimiut and the area beyond the arctic circle. You will meet a Greenlandic dog, hike to the breathtaking panorama on Palasip Qaqqa and get pampered in our arctic spa. You can tailor make the trip and explore Sisimiut on your own or book any of our optional activities such as crowberry picking or a hike to the UFO hut.

Package overview

Day 1: Welcome to Sisimiut

Welcome to Sisimiut! Your transfer from the airport to Hotel SØMA is arranged and you can enjoy the view over the harbour and the mountains during the drive to Sisimiut. Today you will check in and receive the program for your stay. The rest of the day is at your leisure. 

Day 2: Sailing to the abandoned village

Your captain will be welcoming you onboard at the local harbour. From here you will embark on a unique journey to the abandoned settlement of Assaqutaq, located on an island 13 km east of Sisimiut. Your captain will be your guide and will tell you all about this mysterious place as you explore the abandoned buildings. Sailing takes about 30 minutes and if you are lucky, whales or seals will keep you company.

Day 3: Colourful culture

A local guide and expert in the area takes you on a 2 hour guided tour through the best parts of Sisimiut. You will stroll through the historical town, the harbour and visit places where the locals sell their catch of the day and where the Greenlandic sled dogs are situated. Your tour ends at the museum, located just across from Hotel SØMA, in the historical part of town.

Day 4: Meet a Greenlandic dog

The powerful sleddog is a national icon of Greenland, only to be found in towns above the Arctic Circle. They are still today an important part of the Greenlandic culture as it has been for the past 4000 years. A local dog owner will tell you all about them, and show you how to behave and pet them.

Day 5: Inuit walk
Discover the oldest remains of human existence not only in the area of Sisimiut, but in all of Greenland, dating back as far as 4500 years. It is located at Teleøn, a lovely little island called Sallinguit in Greenlandic, connected to the mainland by a bridge. During this easy hike, we will follow a historic route and see old peat houses, stone graves and enjoy a nice view over the city and the Nasaasaaq mountain.

Day 6: Arctic spa
It is time for proper arctic pampering. You have 2 hour free access to our Arctic spa and sauna whenever during the day. Relax in the hot water with the picturesque view over the valley. For a complete wellness treatment, book a full body massage before enjoying the hot water and the view. 

Day 7: Hike to Palasip Qaqqa

You and your guide will be transferred to the starting point of the classic hike to Palasip Qaqqa. Your steps will take you up the valley and then few steeper hills before reaching a plateau leading to a small shelter, a great resting stop. Afterwards you will continue up the side of the mountain until the top. At the summit, you will enjoy light dinner and hot drinks to the breathtaking  panoramic before heading back.

Day 8: Explore and enjoy

Your day is free at leisure and there are lots of options to explore Sisimiut’s outdoor paradise. Head out for another guided hike into the backcountry or continue exploring the fjords around Sisimiut. For a fun and short activity book a crowberry picking tour or one of optional activities on page 5.     

Day 9: Catch and cook (page 3)

Departure day:

All good has to end sometime. Fortunately you have fantastic memories for life. After your breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your return flight. 


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